Al-Shumoo [Archives:2003/692/Press Review]

December 8 2003

6 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Reports on presence of difference between the government and Parliament on housing law
– A military intelligence official killed, his brother wounded in Shabwa governorate
– Government passes on contracts of YR300 worth without subjecting them to competition

Political editor of the newspaper says in his article that acuteness of conflicts is escalating day by day between the opposition political parties in Yemen especially those grouped in the JMP, as a tactical rend in the effort to face the ruling party and as a political ideology for their political march in fighting their battle with the authority. Blocs of opposition have represented a kind of victory against the regime, investing many of auxiliary factors, most of which the financial and administrative corruption in most of the government machinery. The opposition has successfully made advantage of using that weak point of the ruling party in the latest electoral battle as it managed to shake the structure of the ruling party.
Away from talking about realities and indications of orientations and practices of the authority and opposition, the important message we want to convey to the Yemeni political forces is that there is an equation has been changed and a strategy of most political activities got derailed in its orientations and goals to be replaced by Washington's interest. It has also changed from the course of building the homeland economically, politically and humanely to the battle of Washington of fighting terror and homelands. It is therefore the talk of the necessity of activating the project of national alignment for confronting the external challenges, a matter arousing political ridicule.