Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/699/Press Review]

January 1 2004

Main headlines
– Following arousing the case of burning cancer treatment unit apparatus, parliamentarians demand trial of Ghanim, Nasher and Munibari and sacking al-Na'mi
– The corrupt tamper with the people food
– Flour sack price jumps to 3000 rials

The newspaper editorial says violation of peoples' sovereignty has become a matter the biggest papers of the world got used to publish its news especially the violations in the Middle East.
Arab peoples' sovereignty has become like a drama stage for the senior politicians of the world tampering with it as they like. And against the repetition of those violations and in escape from those violations, the ruling regimes of those people made us surprised by finding justifications for the reasons why there were violations of the countries sovereignty by masters of the world. America's violation of the sovereignty of our homelands and peoples is something justified by our leaders. Violation of the Arab blood and Arab honor and dignity a justified matter by the Arab regime as long as it is done by America. Against all that we do not find any hope in ability of our leaders to protect what has remained of the Arab dignity in the framework of the course of the policy of handing over the homeland to the Americans.