Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/701/Press Review]

January 8 2004

3 Jan. 2004
Main headlines:
– While Prosecution interrogating a senior official in Aden,
– Endowments ministry wavers of investigating with its agents on misconduct regarding endowments lands
– Aimed at closing al-Mouayad file, secret contacts between the Islah and the American administration
– In Aden on 8 Jan., Celebration on the Human Rights World Day
– Arab interior ministers discuss fighting terror and crime
Political conflict among the journalists circles has begun to appear with the approach of the syndicate elections scheduled to be held beginning of the next month. The past year has witnessed a noticeable action by most of the syndicate leaders I addition to prominent journalists to the wheel of endorsing the law of the syndicate, confirming the achievement is a qualitative transfer for the Yemeni press and to protect their freedom. But he thunder was when that gain has changed into a nightmare ruining and robbing gains of the Yemeni press. That we have not heard about but later as if the haze has suddenly was removed from the eyes of those journalists who had prepared the draft of the law and began to speak about the negatives included in the draft law. Hence whatever the negatives were and whatever the results of the elections were to be the most important thing those genius journalists who had prepared the law that our main concern is to protect ourselves and safeguard our freedom. The most important thing is to revise and amend the law and to work for having it approved in the way that we see.