Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/703/Press Review]

January 15 2004

10 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Exchanged accusations between endowments minister and his deputies on standing behind influential persons to seize endowments lands
– Observers; Al-Tayyib is behind ill preparation for democracy and human rights conference
– Hamoud Munassar, Raufa Hassan, prominent candidates to journalists chairman post
– Central apparatus report discloses facts on Najad and Sabrulmawadim electricity project
Columnist Rashida al-Qaily confirms in her article that the international legitimacy has become just a stick in the hands of America which has become looking at the world as if it cattle it hits with the stick of international legitimacy and lashes with the whip of fighting terror. America does all this for the sake of its interests not for the world peace. None threatens the world peace except the axis of evil composed of America, Israel and Britain when it falls in love with Washington.
It can be a good opportunity to remind the democracy and human right conference held in Sana'a of some of America's crimes against human rights and freedoms in the world. In its aggression on Iraq dubbed as “Dust Storm'' the American military forces dropped around 90 thousand tons of bombs equal to sevenfold and half of the power of the bomb of Hiroshima in addition t launching 50 thousand missiles depleted uranium projectiles on Iraq.
America itself wants to exclude its citizens from being subject to laws and provisions of the international criminal court. There is no surprise in that because America is the power in the world that committed crimes against humanity. Human memory is unable to remember the huge quantity and way of organic alliance between America and crimes against humanity such as what happened to the red Indians, Africans, Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia and Palestine in addition to its crimes cooked on a simmering fire against world nations by imposing governments allied to it or supporting oppressive dictatorships or taking destructive economic measures …etc. of the series of the evil hobbies on which America's rulers and politicians are addicted.