Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/705/Press Review]

January 22 2004

17 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Selling the biggest Sana'a hotel to Israeli Jews
– In Ibb manipulation of employment posts, girl employees sacked
– At Khor Maksar power station, more than half million liters of diesel lost
On the price doses the political editor of the newspaper said the new price doses are no longer merely words repeated here and there or just rumours unleashed by political parties in an electoral operation as much as now a live reality and implemented whose heroes are merchants, tradesmen middlemen and government officials all of whom seek to achieve the biggest amount of profits. At a time the dollar is suffering from big retreat internationally in our country there is an unjustifiable rise in food commodities. This is a matter that has become object of the people talk and those whose conscience is dead entertain the groaning of the grieved and feverishly working for illegitimate gains.
All that happens under stark silence of the concerned parties who have nothing but creating reasons for the skyrocketing prices which would not stop at a certain ceiling. The situation will continue like that as long as there are some men in the government who support and stand behind the rise of prices as partners in trade. Thus this partnership falls on the head of the poor citizen who finds himself incapable of buying his needs.