Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/707/Press Review]

January 29 2004

24 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Accounts of cleaning funds and improving cities in the governorates disclose violations of law provisions
– In the state authority of agricultural development, manipulation of appropriations and squander of public property
– Violations and excesses in appropriations determined for the state establishment of electricity

The newspaper's political editor says in an article that it is difficult to keep education in our in such a random state and not founded on clear curricula bases compatible with future plans. It seems that education structure in our country is stationary and sterile and the concerned authorities do not give it the required attention. For this reason we find our students are not at the level they should be and many of them are semi-ignorant graduates incapable of innovation and giving.
If the educational parties do not comprehend the importance of developing this aspect according to scientific vision, horizons of future look dim and miserable. More unemployment would be the big problem in the near future. In our country we find tens of thousands of those holding secondary and university degrees have no chance of knowledge qualifying them to attain future looking for while in all world countries, including the developing countries there is planning of education curricula in harmony with the spirit of the age and its variables and with keenness on a better future. But in our country the education curricula is without pre-preparation.
Unless there would be a comprehensive study for qualifying he efficient teacher and changing the curricula to be compatible with requites of development ignorance would be the most apparent presence.