Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/713/Press Review]

February 19 2004

14 February 2004
Main headlines
– Burdens of foreign debts get heavier due to inability t utilizing potentials in the required level
– After the decision of merging the four banks, Economic circles demand the government to take measures for collecting its stumbling debts instead of overburdening the state budget
– In the midst of preparations for the journalists syndicate conference, journalists call for boycotting elections.
The political editor of the newspaper says in his article ht there are serious events threaten the political and social fabric of the Yemeni homeland in particular and the Arab in general. There are also some consequences dictating on us run after the policy of ridiculing the Arab and Islamic nation dignity and to surrender to the neo-colonialism with all of its forms and colours.
If what has happened in Iraq and Palestine is a natural reflection of the deterioration of the Arab situation politically, economically and socially, its effect would not stop at a certain point but would rather spread around heart of the Arab nation. And if the situation is thus it is a common sense to presume Yemen be one of the states to be affected politically, economically and socially by those negative developments. As Yemeni people we could not distance ourselves from taking part in the crime committed against the Yemeni people and the Arab nation. While we observe the lessons before our eyes we find ourselves intentionally putting masks on our eyes lest we should learn of what is happening around us. The defeatism the region is experiencing is an outcome of a defeat whose impact would get extended to long periods as it has become a kind of culture we are leading in a dynamic way in our everyday life.
The declared war on the Islah is gong on under pretexts of fighting terror. But despite of that, there are indications pointing out that this war is not restricted to be against the Islah to include officials at the top of positions of the ruling party. At the time when the war ob the American intelligence on the Islah is going on, we find that intelligence inaugurates a new war against the GPC when the Iraqi press, under American instructions published lists containing names of whom it had described as beneficiaries from coupons Iraqi oil during the period of the former Iraqi regime, such as the secretary general of the GPC Dr Abdulkareem al-Eryani. His is considered an apparent confirmation that the American policy towards our country does not differentiate between who is a modernist Islamism and open liberal. The security cooperation between Yemen and America resulted in victimizing the country's interest and stability in the first place and then the detention of sheikh al-Mouayad and his companion and later Abdulsalam al-Haila and falling in the hands of the Americans. America does in fact differentiate between the Zionist-American interest and that of the Arabs.