Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/715/Press Review]

February 26 2004

21 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– A report by the Central Apparatus,
– Miscalculation produces delusive surplus in the budget of Mareb Poultry Company
– More than 20 children referred to juvenile prosecution in the capital, tens of children returned from border areas
– In exploitation of high prices, large quantities of inedible wheat and flour on their way to markets
– Local council of Lahj leadership behind plundering the state-owned lands and real estates
– Yemeni journalists hold their third conference

On holding the Yemeni journalists third conference the newspaper's editor in chief says it is a good opportunity for journalists to meet in Sana'a, capital of Arab culture for 2004 and it is a good opportunity to exchange opinions and crystallizing ideas. The third conference of the journalists is convened in a very difficult circumstance. The journalists gather at a time the Arab and international situations have changed drastically. Iraq is under occupation and the Zionist terror is practiced against our brethren in Palestine and the accusation of terror is attached to the Arabs and Moslems. What concerns the journalists specifically now is not what I have already mentioned as much as who would lead their union march.
The GPC bloc refuses guardianship and insists on majority and the JMP insists on confrontation and wants victory by majority. Although I feel confident that the colleague journalists would chose the best who would represent them I pray to call on them to prioritize the general interest to their immediate personal interests and to select those in whom they find distinguished leading characteristics capable of getting ahead.