Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/717/Press Review]

March 4 2004

28 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Parliament speaker al-Ahmar accuses the culture ministry as the cause of tourist stagnation
– Tenant-leaser draft law, a betting between government and parliament?
– Meetings of Arab Teachers Federation in Sana'a
– Disappearance of the socialist leader Ahmed Salem Ubeid in Cairo in mysterious circumstances

The newspaper editorial is devoted to discuss the danger of the American going to extremes in interfering in Arab peoples, especially our Yemeni people's internal affairs. It says the newspaper was among the first that warned against any security and intelligence cooperation outside the official channels.
That interference has surpassed it to extend to most of the political sectors. And we have rather been the first that warned of the existence of a dangerous spying network working for and connected to the American embassy and spreading through circles of the Yemeni civil society. We have for many times called and warned but the reality reflected a fact of no response. The American administration announcement every now and then about involvement of Yemeni personalities in standing behind supporting terror is not a surprise and not something new because their hints were expected since an early time. What has happened to the religious leader sheikh Abdulmajeed al-Zindani, former presidency member and present head of Islah Shoura is not a surprise in itself as what some political forces have done of preparing for that American demand has paved the way for it. The American demand for a social and religious personage like sheikh al-Zindani did not represent a surprise for the politicians and observers. Many observers confirm that the American surprise expected to be announced in the coming months would go beyond Zindani and his likes as long as there are among us who work for preparing suitable conditions for encouraging the Americans to go too far in targeting all national forces. Despite of all that the betting is still heading for the political and cultural consciousness that the political leadership and all of the political forces to have in dealing with such surprises that are targeting the homeland.