Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/719/Press Review]

March 11 2004

6 March 2004
Main headlines
– Kuwait denies hosting al-Biedh
– Disappearance of Yemeni politicians and businessmen in Cairo, questions without answers
– News on existence of operation room for making false news
Mahmoud Mohammed al-Tahir says when there is an Arab summit convened the eyes of the Arab and Islamic world turn to it and carries a group of expectations praying that that summit would be the place where they could be achieved. Unfortunately what happens after each summit comes to be contrary to whatever they have hoped for or expected and their hopes end in smoke.
Against the present developments in the Arab countries and the existing indicators it becomes logical and reasonable the queries aroused regarding what results could the next summit scheduled in Tunisia this month would be issued, especially concerning the confrontation with the critical and sensitive circumstances the Arabs are experiencing in order to go ahead for reforming the their joint action.
Now as the date of the Arab summit is approaching the Arab leaders have to remember their past regarding the Zionists challenges that happen after each of their summits. They have to prepare themselves for this summit by taking necessary and daring resolutions to recover the beautiful face of the Arabs. They have to try to go forward in the right direction towards an Arab union capable of facing the impending dangers, of all sorts.