Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/721/Press Review]

March 18 2004

13 March, 2004
Main headlines
– While the Parliament and the Shoura vote on the increase in prices, they discuss a proposal of putting into effect a new price dose
– Citizens of Lahj demand return of plundered government properties, send the corrupt to court
– While the GPC's youth demands a new leadership,
– West Secretariat court retains the case of the union activist in preparation for spelling the verdict
The newspaper editorial mentions that it is no doubt that there are certain situations impose on the government to take a series of economic and political measures in a way enabling it to surpass the more serious barriers that compose a challenge to the government and the people. Concerning what we hear of about the government intention of raising the prices of oil products as a measure that has become necessary, from the government point of view, we think that the issue needs and deserves some patience and to think profoundly before putting the decision into force, especially that the decision has impoverishing results. There are also some facts forcing themselves on the political life, namely, the plans against Yemen by the Zionist American alliance. At one time there is kidnapping of Yemeni citizens outside Yemen and sometimes by leaking false rumours and others by fomenting seditions between Yemen and its sisterly countries. The series of such challenges continues to the extent of open demand from the Yemeni government and the people for handing over Yemeni citizens they claim to be involved in supporting terror. This is what we mean to find a sort of incapability of the Yemeni society to bear two concerns at the one time; the new dose and the war on terror. Our appeal to think before implementing the decision springs from our knowledge of dangerous impact on the Yemeni society coinciding with Yemeni and Arab resentment over the so-called alliance with Washington in its war on terror. Neither the World Bank nor Washington is more expensive and dearer than 20 million Yemeni citizens.