Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/725/Press Review]

April 1 2004

27 March 2004
Main headlines
– Following an increase in information activity between the American embassy and several political and media personalities,
– FBI praises Hull's success in Yemen
– Press reports : Hundred of thousands dollars behind ruling out circulation of Oil Committee report

The newspaper's political editor wrote saying that it was supposed that Tunis summit to be a turning-point in the course of Arab action in the manner giving then Arab System an opportunity to improve its deformed image before its masses and the world. But such an optimism got diminished at the phase of preparing for the summit against backdrop of subjective calculations that do not live to the volume of dangers facing the nation and threaten her future. The Arab rulers could have benefited from taking the blood of the martyr sheikh Ahmed Yassin as a fuel for a more effective stage keeping them away from Washington's “whip” and arrogance, it seems that not only the Pakistani regime is praying for Bush's success in the elections for a second term for even the Arab system is doing likewise so that the American president stays in his post for a coming period.