Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/727/Press Review]

April 8 2004

3 Apr 2004.
Main headlines
– Following embezzlements in millions, social affairs and labour ministry refers hundreds of societies to court
– An example of corruption, ministry agriculture builds a small fence costing 40 million riyals
– Central apparatus demands issuing a law on loans and foreign aid

The newspaper's political editor says in his article that what happened in Tunis was not a postponement but rather a quake hit the bases and joints of the Arab order that for the first time in his history and that of Arab summits fails in hiding the real causes of a postponement in an indicator denoting that the Arab order has become more than incapable of control and preclude the leaking of secrets of closed door meetings to the Arab masses. These masses have now become the decision-maker and responsible for delivering the nation from this impasse. Nevertheless what happened in Tunis was not expected to happen not from leaders of a nation but from school children in many world countries.
Some information confirms that the causes of the delay was against the backdrop of a:
1-Message distributed on the Arab foreign ministers inside the meeting demanding the summit to stress in its statement the commitment to the road map and welcome the law of state administration in Iraq and supporting the Iraqi governing council.
2- A Jordanian document demanded the summit to condemn the martyrdom operations and that the final statement should include an Arab confirmation on the Arabs commitment to offer full support to the Zionist entity and providing security to Israel and postponing the right to return.
3-Libya's insistence on including the statement a praise of Libya's hand over of its nuclear program and consider it as an example the region's countries should follow suit.
4-Libya's demand from Saudi Arabia to offer its apology for the stand of Prince Abdulla from Gaddafi when he accused him of being an agent last year.
5-Gaddafi insistence on allowing the entry of 40 armoured cars to guard him during his stay in Tunis
6-Tunisia's insistence on entering amendments on a working paper previously agreed on and signed by the Arab permanent delegations at the Arab League.
8-Bahrain's king refusal to attend the summit if Prince Abdulla would not attend it an the Tunisian president refused to receive the letter of Bahrain's king from his foreign minister.
9-The foreign ministers difference on holding the Arab Book Fair scheduled to be held in one of the Arab capitals.