Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/731/Press Review]

April 22 2004

17 Apr. 2004
Main headlines
– Due to behaviour of Mareb governor, finance director announces reclusion and information center director referred to prosecution
– Health units closed, YR 159 million went in smoke
– A bank imports employees from abroad, pays in hard currency
– Traffic week for journalists
The newspaper's political editor The time of our nation seems as a one grinded by and living in successive coercion. A nation digging her grave by herself and cannot save herself from herself as if she has been addicted to suffering and coercion and loss, forgetting her past when she had a great presence. This is how the status of the nation appears at a time she is inactive and not interactive. America is the one that defines and determines the compass of politics and sovereignty of the Arab regimes that are competing for winning the consent of the White House master. All proofs indicate that those regimes have relinquished their peoples and the identity and civilization in return for appeasing the cowboy. For the first time it happens in Iraq and the nation when the ruler is obedient and subservient of the occupier and his making, keeping silent towards the harm and killing and destruction inflicted upon his people and holds the resistance responsible for what goes on so that the governing council in occupied Iraq to be an example of the rest of Arab regimes.