Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/749/Press Review]

June 24 2004

19 June 2004
Main headlines
– Millions of riyals, illegal deductions from salaries of 400 teachers in Amran governorate
– Expatriates and merchants in Hudeida accused of smuggling gold outside the country

The newspaper editorial says the attack on the military establishment and the attempt to discredit it could not be deemed but targeting the homeland and its sovereignty and independence and an abortive attempt by political forces deeply involved in conspiracy and seeking to create climates of schism and division, which comes within a comprehensive scheme having its sinister dimensions of discrediting the military establishment, the faithful guard and defender of the revolution achievements and the great unitary victory.
If those forces have not learnt from the past when it dragged the aftermath of disappointment and bitterness of failure, they are at resent too weak to be something mentionable versus their stand of attacking the homeland's shield. However those forces tried to believe that they are far from any accountability, the people express their resentment and denunciation against all those who intentionally want to deform reputation of the military establishment that sided with expectations and aspirations of the people masses and expressed its affiliation to the revolution and the unity and democracy. This stand caused concern among the inside forces of conspiracy. He who follows up the fierce campaign led by some opposition newspapers would perceive he is against an opposition that intends to rob the homeland and deprive it of its sovereignty, independence and security. This campaign is one face of the conspiracy against the bright aspect of the country. Depth of the cohesion between the military establishment and the sacred national duty it is implementing, is alone capable of aborting attempts of those wicked to attain the least of what they aim at.