Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/761/Press Review]

August 5 2004

31 July 2004
Main headlines
– YSP and Shoura parties seek to internationalize Sa'ada insurgency
– Western media sources: Some Yemeni opposition parties practice suspicious political games
– Could Iraq change into an American-Iranian conflict arena
– More than 100 people killed in attacks in Iraq

A front-page editorial of the newspaper says its seems that the sedition of al-Houthi rebel is heading for the military decision of this crisis as the data on the ground have repeatedly indicated that all efforts of peaceful solution were almost leading to partition the homeland and the society in a frame of a criminal scheme targeting the homeland integrity and its political system.
If we consider indicators and reality of Sa'ada crisis and what was designed for it ideologically, culturally and militarily, it would be natural to conclude that there is an attempted coup against the political regime and its freedom, democracy and unity and it has failed to reach its goals.
On the peaceful initiatives for solving the Sa'ada insurgency the editorial mentions that it seems those endeavoring the solution have exceeded their illusion and realisation and danger of the events against the homeland. It also seems that it has been removed from their memory that they are still targets to ideology and culture of reactionary of this age hiding behind black cloaks covering the American conspiracy against the entire Arab nation. If those peaceful initiatives have halted the military settlement of the insurgency of al-Houthi, it has represented indirectly a logistic support for al-Houthi and his followers based on re-arrangement of their cards and ranks in addition to leaving political chances for those seeking to internationalize the crisis.