Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/773/Press Review]

September 16 2004

11 Sept.2004
Main headlines
– A Yemeni security delegation for America to receive around 20 detainees from Guantanamo
– Old Sana'a city threatened to fall into the hands of armed militias of the so-called “Muslim Youth”
– Nasserite organization: Some parties have violated the constitution
– The prosecution summons a former minister
The newspaper says in its editorial that the insurgency has fallen and the biggest conspiracy against the country was defeated and the homeland stayed safe and sound. We have been waging on the armed forces to defeat the conspiracy out of our belief in credibility and truthfulness of the issue they undertake.
The battle against the Mran rebellion was not of an ordinary character of rebellion operations the region has ever witnessed but rather surpassed the limits of that rebellion and boundaries of data of any insurgency that happened in any country. This is especially after the conspiracy's papers have been revealed to find ourselves before a secessionist conspiracy aimed at partitioning the country into three small states.