Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/795/Press Review]

December 2 2004

27 Nov.2004
Main headlines
– In continuation of former conspiratorial plots,
– Yemen faces regional and international conspiracies targeting the military establishment
– 150 Palestinians spend a night at the border Rafah land crossing
– Khartoum emphasizes its commitment to ceasefire in Darfur
– Saudi warning against eating locusts

Columnist Taha al-Amiri writes in his article that America went to Iraq as invader and presented to the world an example of the ugliest destructive occupation humanity has ever known. In justifying its occupation the American administration resorted to a group of lies and worked with all its capabilities, influence and Iraqi, Arab and international alliances for deceiving the world public opinion in order to achieve its goals.
The writer says there could not be any rational person in the world who would believe America, except its followers of agents and spies who have failed to gain the trust and respect of their peoples and resorted to America to support them, as what happened in Iraq.
America has gone to Iraq under pretext of Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction and when the world discovered its lies, it said had gone to deliver the people of Iraq from the dictator and when its presence aims were disclosed it alleged that its presence was part of its war on terror.
And after its practice to the most unsightly kinds of terror in Iraq, America has later alleged it has gone to Iraq to make it an ideal example in the Middle East.
Then horror haunted the hearts of its allies in the region for fear of circulating death and destruction in their countries, as was done in Iraq.
The Israeli colonialist occupation of Palestine and the American destructive occupation in Iraq have a common goal and their means are the same; military tanks democracy and organized annihilation against the Arab people in Palestine and Iraq accompanied by total silence of the world.