Al-Shumoo [Archives:2004/801/Press Review]

December 23 2004

18 Dec. 2004
Main headlines
– Parties Committee studies the democratic experiment, sifts partisan reality by expelling any of those violated national constants and the constitution
– Head of customs authority exploits the minister absence to join conflict in finance ministry
In its editorial al-Shumou weekly says democracy and political pluralism remain a choice not to be squandered, as it is an inseparable part of the national unity. The spirit of democracy must remain effective and interactive in all political life structures in the Yemeni society.
This choice and achievement is a civilized means for peaceful transfer of power and the belief in others' right to assume power. If this is also an embodiment of democracy, the attaining of power does not indicate its only meaning of assuming power but rather a complete and integrated system that should be respected by those believing init and interacted with it. We still hear every now and then from some political parties calls for taking decisions of postponement of elections and conferences of those parties. Holding those conferences and elections are a confirmation of those parties leaderships of themselves and their bases. Other than that, the postponement policy is a stress of the countdown of the legitimacy of those leaderships.
Out of our belief that any back down from the principle of democracy and embodiment of the spirit of the peaceful transfer of power, in all Yemeni political structures, is considered a violation of freedom aspired for by all Yemeni citizens.