Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/805/Press Review]

January 6 2005

1 January 2005
Main headlines

– Parliament and opposition have not yet comprehended rule of democracy game

– YSP faces problems of influence and sharing its leadership

An article by Abdulrahman Dubwan mentions that at this time the woman is the major premise of discussion, whether through the call for her emancipation and the way of presenting her to the society or her participation in the political action and her influence inside the society. In addition, there are other ideas bearing various names and a big argument took place about understanding their meaning and impact of their application, in addition to the possibility of putting into force those visions and ideas inside the Islamic society.

Those ideas have always been associated with comparison between the woman's rights in Islam and the woman's rights according to concept of globalization and other positive laws. Here we are not talking about this argument but there are some conducts that emerged lately. They are the outcome of certain ideas we have previously mentioned, may be the result of ill understanding of these ideas.

We are not against the woman or with depriving her of her rights. On the contrary, we highly appreciate and feel proud the woman would take part in building the society that is the possession of all. This society is governed by laws and foundations. Out of this, the behavior of the man and the woman is equally subjected to regulations, laws and principles of our religion away from extremism and fanaticism.