Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/807/Press Review]

January 13 2005

8 January 2005
Main headlines

– GPC, Islah and YSP ruin unifying of education unions

– Pharmacists union chairman: Ministry of health has frozen talents

– After the scandal of Abu Ghraib prison, Iraqi prisoners abused

– Documents disclose manipulation in water projects in Mareb

The newspaper's political editor says in an article Yemeni universities are living a state of backwardness and reproduce illiteracy and thus greatly contribute to impeding development. All that because they have turned from forums of science, education and studies and research, into merely places for leisure timed and sterile political conflicts between political parties. The universities students rendered to just followers of this or that group of professors and without apparent goal. This situation emphasises a state of illiteracy spread among circles of universities caused by failing education.