Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/823/Press Review]

March 10 2005

5 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– With the aim of controlling the entire region countries, Zionist-American coordination with mercenary forces targeting the military establishment

– Symposium at the center of studies and research on forerunners of Yemeni expeditions

The political editor writes saying we are not in the process of entering in a bid with regard of the official information of the GPC and the newspaper of 26 September in their being forums that relinquished their real function and headed for the margin of the national issues. These media overlook issues that ought not to be neglected at all or to skip.

By this we do not claim to point out that they are not national and there is no use of them. For the official media is may be interested in the propagandist aside more than the information and is lacking of a clear-cut information policy, which is one of the important aspects of its failures.

It is particularly so at a time in the homeland there are many major issues that official media are no longer able to deal with. It also seems that the official information lacking of enlightened cadres and programmed vision are among the reasons urged that information to express its independence in its special way.

This has made the opposition information address goes beyond its limits in its falsification of consciousness and tampers with minds in addition to dealing with issues of the homeland with much of carelessness and irresponsibility.