Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/829/Press Review]

March 31 2005

26 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– Observers: Washington embassy disappointed the JMP and abandoned it at the first turning

– At the backdrop of a secret meeting of American officers with some media persons at a hotel, American efforts for establishment of Masonic clubs, the beginning in Aden

– Cleric al-Hittar: The president stressed on apology to the people, armed forces and security by those involved in Mran insurgency

– Yemen's government demands the UN and the U.S. lifting Zindani's name from terror list

The newspaper editorial says the course of events and their continuous ramifications on the Yemeni stage have revealed that the scenario of Mran sedition has not ended for good. We are still witnessing its first stages. The defeat of the insurgency and killing of its leader Hussein Badrudin al-Houthi was just closing the first chapter of the conspiracy.

When we presume that the insurgency has only completed its first chapter and is still in its beginning, we realize that and are aware of it. We also warn against a new chapter within the same scenario of those reactionary forces that planned for it and they aim at the similar goals of the first chapter.

With the remaining of the symbols of the sedition outside the reach of justice and continuation of those centers teaching sectarian fanaticism and extremism inside the society, could be indicators that the sedition has not been quelled yet.

Another of its chapters would begin and to be followed with others unless the radical reasons of that sedition are treated. The forthcoming chapter would target the revolution, the republic, the unity and the political system and gains of the homeland.