Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/842/Press Review]

May 16 2005

7 May 2005
Main headlines

– Masonry conveys al-Houthi's distress call to Najaf Hawza

– Groups from insurgency militia seized in the capital carrying Fatwas of Qom and Najaf

– Politicians warn against terrorist operations targeting politicians in authority and opposition

– In pursuit of mastermind of the Nairobi and Darussalam blasts, CIA and Marines land in Maidh area overlooking the Gulf of Aden

Columnist Mohammed Sallama says the American occupation of Iraq is a real beginning of a new type of colonization concentrating on humiliation of people, silence and suppression. This old new occupation is a beginning of controlling resources of the world especially after the collapse of the socialist system, emergence of the European Union and the existence of oppressive regimes in some Arab countries. Those countries manifest their allegiance to the west through making their resources serviceable first and their territories as information and military bases with direct logistic services support under an American umbrella unauthorized by the international organisation.

The decline that happened to Arab regimes at present and the so-called fighting terror operations have given a great pretext for the ambitious states to think seriously in reconsidering the spread of sovereignty and the return to the colonialist past. The story of weapons of mass destruction appeared as an American lie and began to take a new turn for the control over world resources even if it would cost billions of dollars.

The events of September 11 represented a great excuse to hit hideouts of terror in Afghanistan, Sudan and the occupation of Iraq while threatening Syria and Iran. Those events and what followed them have disclosed the actual face of the American terrorism that has always been a major supporter for Israel. The American future policy is to focus on burning the infrastructure of any country it occupies and the call for its reconstruction of a special sort, dividing the gains among those who support it.