Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/843/Press Review]

May 19 2005

14 May 2005
Main headlines

– Army stops Waila mass-up besieging Nashour and demands Al-Nimri to hand over the aggressors quickly

– Large-scale skepticism in al-Houthi credibility of commitment to the constitution and the law

– The American ambassador to Yemen attempts to issue a law for press according to a dangerous agenda

– PM Bajammal demands the establishment of “Woman Party”

– The UNICEF accuses health ministry, polio epidemic expands to threaten the national security of Yemen

The newspaper political editor writes that the homeland needs nothing as its strong and urgent need for implementation of the law. This alone is the measure that would help straighten wrong courses and correct failures and also to restore confidence of the citizen in government.

By this right measure the country recovers and becomes more able to march ahead towards future with confidence and satisfaction. If there is activation of the law and respect of its texts, no one would dare to go far in impinging on sovereignty and assail on the regime with disregard of what those forces may face in accountability of the law.