Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/855/Press Review]

June 30 2005

Main headlines

– Be ware of the people's wrath, and bring the health and power ministers to court

– PGC threatens to open old files of the YSP to media

– Hunt Oil reimburses foreigners and refuses to treat Yemenis the same

– Yemen polio cases amount to 50% of the international cases world wide

YSP and the possibility of normalizing political relations

The political editor in the front page talks about the Yemeni Socialist Party YSP and its fifth general conference and the possible outcomes from this conference.

Predictions is that the outcomes of the conference will change the political map dramatically and will reflect on the political party's future identity.

Alliance against the future:

Safwan al-Fashi in his opinion titled alliance against the future talks about how while countries are celebrating 50 years of continuous electricity supply Yemen is heading the opposite way and ironically describes how it seems that authorities select the worst times in summer or night to cut power and leave the people vulnerable.

The common assembly parties hiding behind al Islah and the Nasserite

This report was written by the Asshmoo's research center in which it was revealed that the reform party “Al-Islah” is facing a defaming campaign by some of the mouth pieces of political parties included in the political parties common assembly.

The report endorses Islah's policies and political stands.

The report's main headlines discuss the prospective of the ruling political party coming in line with the opposition.

And describes how the conditions for the opposition's candidate are defined by the American embassy.