Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/876/Press Review]

September 12 2005

3 Sept. 2005
Main headlines

– Clashes in Sahar, Saadah, interior ministry receives instructions on arrested wanted persons of al-Houthi followers

– Ash-Shumou: secret contacts between al-Houthi and the American embassy in Sana'a during the past two months

– The governments plans to ask additional appropriation of a sum of YR 450 billion to cover budget deficit

– Italian delegation gathers information on sheikhs, tribes, Islamists and military men in Mareb

– Trade unions reject wages strategy and threaten the government with comprehensive strikes

The newspaper's political editor says in his article that the reality nowadays is that the forces of normalization have become so strong to have the power to act and define stances after they have through their foreign network of relations to attain at forward levels in many political parties and organizations of civil society as well as the state institutions.

The General People's congress, as a ruling party, has the bigger share in fighting the confrontation with all the national forces that entirely refuse any concessions regarding the Palestinian cause and the question of Aqsa Mosque. It seems that the new liberal forces are promoting for the policy of taking the homeland as hostage through calling on the foreigner to practice its economic and political pressures.

This stance gives them a great amount of loss in stands calling for connection with the Zionist-American party.

The conclusion is that submitting the term of realistic policy aims at creation of a state of surrendering obedient to Zionist plans and to keep the people in a domesticated state as well as the call for coexisting with the policy of fait accompli. Otherwise, the consequences would be serious.