Al-Shumoo [Archives:2005/896/Press Review]

November 21 2005

12 Nov. 2005
Main headlines

– Academicians warn against birdflu infiltration and hold ministers of health and agriculture responsible

– Politicians: The president's sticking to Zindani case, a setback for new liberals

– The road to Greater Middle East from Manama, establishment of Future Fund with $100 million

– Al-Assad speech arouses Lebanese dispute, American condemnation and French threat

The newspaper's political editor he would like to convey a clear message to the General people's Congress, hoping that those in charge of its policy to realize its meaning and also in the hope it could restore its balance in dealing with the national issues with a sense of responsibility guided by the steps of president Ali Abdullah Saleh, leader of the GPC. The article says the president is taking upon himself rectification of failures course that some inside the GPC who are in charge of the national issue commit. The writer says the failures are a result of the ideological deviation of the GPC and abandonment of some of its leaderships of constants that must not be squandered in any case. He says we are submitting the subject in transparency out of the reality of what we see and understand because of this GPC policy that contradicts the political leadership's pursuit, represented by president Saleh. A proof of that is the big paradox between the president's stand towards the case of al-Mouayad and Zaid on the one hand and that of Sheikh al-Zindani on the other hand. The GPC launches accusations of terror against al-Zindani and Islah party in what constitutes a contradiction with the president's stance. While in all his meetings with American officials the president confirms his request of handing over of al-Mouayad and Zaid to the Yemeni government and omitting al-Zindani's name from the blacklist of those accused of terror, the GPC, in its media, stands to emphasize terror in our country through an accusing and condemning language against the Islah and sheikh al-Zindani. This is an astonishing matter and brings a big question mark about this GPC's orientation.