Al-Shumoo [Archives:2006/916/Press Review]

January 30 2006

21 Jan.2006
Main headlines

– The American ambassador to Yemen demanded giving the GSM third operator to an American company instead of a Chinese

– Imminent movements for the arrest of a number of personalities supporting the rebellion

– Conspiracy targeting unity of the Socialist Party, Observers emphasize its parties are local and regional political forces

– Suspicious clandestine contacts between local societies and foreign parties lead to boycott activities of some of them

– Through hundreds of jobs provided by its consulates around the world, Washington courts the youth of Sana'a and Riyadh

In its editorial the newspaper says the political variables on the ground, whether at the local or the regional and international levels, emphasize the necessity of the national alignment to encounter foreign interventions aiming at disruption of the political life on the Yemeni arena. Those interventions are planned according to an agenda that it is not to rule out its adoption of a strategy working for dismemberment of the country into sectarian entities. The features of this scheme could be observed through what it seems an insistence on prolongation of the duration of al-Houthi rebellion events in the country. If this presumption has, according to viewpoints of some, achieved a noticeable progress in that of political appearance in media locally and internationally to show its ability to create factors of negotiations with the government side, some politicians see that a gain for the rebellion politicians. They see it like that despite of the data in the military field do not qualify the rebellion politicians and militias to just think of the possibility of at a negotiating table. This is a principle undermined by an announcement of forming a committee working to undermine rebellion confrontation with forces of the army according to a principle of the stop of more bloodshed.

The loss of confidence between opposition parties and he ruling party represents one of the most important factors supporting continuation of al-Houthi rebellion activities, or any similar conspiratorial forces which try to implement their plots against Yemen as a homeland and people.