Al-Shumoo [Archives:2006/922/Press Review]

February 20 2006

11 Feb. 2006
Main headlines

– Former U.S. ambassador to Israel discusses in Sana'a the question of reducing Hamas activity

– The army controls Anam, kills 10 rebels and arrests tens of them

– Teachers Union chairman: We shall sue Bajammal government as we did with Al-Iryani government

In an article on its back page the newspaper says we do not think that the opposition would continue in believing that its role is confined to condemnation of the government, the regime and the ruling party. We also do not think that it would maintain playing a past political tune which no one any longer wants to listen to.

Democracy and peaceful transfer of power cannot be achieved through declaration of enmity to the homeland or seeking support from outside. Accusations marketed abroad are of the kind the pretexts the foreigner took advantage of to violate sovereignty of states and regimes. The opposition is need of possessing genuine national vision and national stand enabling it acquire sympathy of the Yemeni masses as well as their respect and trust. The opposition does not need to force others to open its files that would surely not make it happy.

Democracy is not in harmony with claiming legitimacy of possession or acquired rights. Also, the present disorders could not be treated by one party or through the current address of the opposition that led us to be in need of a national Marshal project. Such a project capable of enabling the opposition owning its cultural and political project by its own to define through it its ideological and political precepts and also to define its vision of citizenship with regard to rights and duties. After that the opposition can crystallize a national project suitable for deliberation, dialogue and circulation away from its present concept which invests disorders and failures to create more of them.