AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden weekly, 1-12-97. (Yemeni Unitary Congregation) [Archives:1997/49/Press Review]

December 8 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Military rule in Hadhramaut, the Constitution in abeyance, and public liberties suspended 2- Aden Oil Refinery workers threaten to strike if their demands for annual allowance are not met. 3- Demonstrators in Moodia, Abyan, protested persecution of opposition figures and ill-treatment of prisoners accused of Aden explosions. Article Summary: Scenes from Trial of Saboteurs The trial of the 27 men accused of the Aden bomb explosions was opened on November 24th. Confessing to the charges, the Syrian prime suspect refused to be transferred with other prisoners to the Mansoura Prison, and demanded to remain in the PSO jail. He also refused to have defense lawyers, whether appointed by court or volunteers. The court building was guarded by 1000 soldiers, plain-clothes PSO personnel, and an anti-aircraft battery. Journalists trying to cover the proceedings were intimidated and some photographers had their films confiscated. The defense lawyers were not allowed to meet their clients.