AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden (Weekly) 10-11-97. (Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party) [Archives:1997/46/Press Review]

November 17 1997

News Review: 1- Saudi Arabia conducts military maneuvers near Yemeni border. British sources: Maneuvers indicate border dispute will not be resolved. 2- Tarek Al-Fadhly – former heir to the sultanate, Consultative Council & PGC member, & head of tribal affairs in Abyan, sends four of his militia members to abduct and beat up two men over a land dispute. 3- Minister of Petroleum personally investigates embezzlement allegations in Oil Company in Aden. 4- Floating shipyard belonging to Shipyard Company sinks after freak collision with international ship near port of Aden. 5- American yacht Dorothea left the port of Aden after its 8 sailors refused to pay new YR 10,000 immigration fee. 6- Captain of famous Tilal football team was insulted and badly beaten because of land dispute in Aden. 7- A bomb exploded in a rubbish bin in Sheikh Othman, Aden – no casualties. 8- An Aden 7-year-old child was found dead in his bed after being badly beaten by his mother for ruining his little sister’s birthday cake.