AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden (Weekly) 13-10-97. (Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party) [Archives:1997/42/Press Review]

October 20 1997

Main Headlines: 1) Six Opposition Parties Protest Against Secrecy of Border Negotiations and Reject Outcome 2) Farmers in Abyan Lose YR 115 Million Because of Banana Plant Disease 3) Aden Port Workers Threaten to Strike if Housing Demands are not Met Article Summary: Tribal Rule The problem started with the detention of 4 members of the Aseel tribe by the 21st Army Brigade in Shabwa. They were shaved and humiliated. The tribes of the region held a meeting and demanded that the general military command group of the area should intervene to compensate the mistreated four. At the end of the meeting, the tribes demanded that the commander and responsible officers be shaven, and YR 30 million be distributed among the tribesmen who attended the arbitration meeting, the general command of the area, the injured four, and others. Their demands were fully accepted by the brigade’s commander.