AL-TAJAMM’U: Aden weekly, 23-2-98. [Archives:1998/09/Press Review]

March 2 1998

(Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party)
Main Headline:
1- Yemeni teachers suffer from hard living conditions, proposed new teachers law denies them many essential benefits.
2- Aden students demonstrate in protest over possible military strike against Iraq.
3- General Federation of Workers Trade Unions forced some of the Sawt Al-Ommal (voice of the workers) magazine staff to take vacations without pay, some magazine employees have not been paid their salaries since 1994!
4- Aden police arrested a number of suspects in connection with explosion at police station.
Article Summary:
Refugee Tragic Conditions
Many of the Somali refugees that come to the Jaheen refugee camp are infected with TB. They are not quarantined, but allowed to roam freely within the camp. This in addition to chronic malnutrition has led to a TB epidemic in the camp. The camp’s clinic is often left without the necessary medicines and medical preparations such as antiseptics and essential vaccines and antidotes. Malaria and diarrhea become rampant during the rainy season. Some patients with chronic or malignant diseases are often left without medicines.
Tens of refugees in the camp are not given proper IDs or provision cards. Many of them demand that a special committee be sent by the UNHCR head office to investigate conditions in the camp.
There are 8,000 refugees registered at the camp, while, in reality only 3,000 actually live there. Food and other provisions are sent for 8,000 people!