AL-TAJAMM’U: Aden weekly, 23-398. [Archives:1998/13/Press Review]

March 30 1998

(Yemen Unitary Congregation Party)   Main Headline:
1- Dire water situation – annual per capita share will be 125 m3 by the year 2025.
2- 31st Armored Division still occupies a land belonging to the Jahaf Agricultural Association in Lahaj, despite official orders to evacuate.
3- Doctors & Pharmacists Syndicate, Aden branch, called its members to wear red badges in protest over low pay, strike is expected in the near future.
5- Two persons working for an African airline were deported after being discovered to be HIV positive.
Article Summary:
Kindergarten for Sale
A large state-owned kindergarten is to be illegally sold to a private investor, who plans to build a commercial center in its place. It is alleged that the Faihaa kindergarten – built in 1975 in Sheikh Othman, Aden – lies in a dangerous spot of the road where there is a lot of traffic.
The kindergarten occupies a large area and is located on a main road in an important part of the city. The strange thing is that the kindergarten’s administration was not informed of the intended sale.
There are more than 350 children enrolled in the Faihaa under the supervision of 44 staff members. Parents have to pay a fee of YR 200 only. Government funding for the kindergarten was stopped following the 1994 war.