AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden (Weekly) 3-11-97. (Yemeni Unitary Congregation) [Archives:1997/45/Press Review]

November 10 1997

News Review: 1- Victims of recent explosions in Aden are more than 10 kids not more than 16 years old. 2- Aden prosecutor jails 24 employess from Petroleum Comapny on charges of embezzlement – YR 200 million of petrol and gas sales went missing last week. 3- Police in Jaar arrested 8 members of an extremist group 3 other were badly injured after trying to ambush a security officer. 4- Ali Ba-Khareesa – chemist, biologist, and former minister – still missing after being arrested in a dawn raid on his home by Aden security. 5- Four kidnapped Russians are still held by Hadaa tribe. 6- Accountant of Liberation Front Party embzzeled budget of YR 1.2 million – party will not be able to hold 3rd general congress. 7- Army Chief of Staff visits Hadhramaut to get support for new administartive division, mend PGC rifts, & silence peaceful Hadhrami opposition.