AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden (Weekly) [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

22-9-97. (Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party)
News Review: 1) The unity or division of Hadhramaut are in hands of Prime Minister – son of Hadhramaut – who will visit governorate to ascertain people’s opinions 2) Yemen has reduced its Maseela oil price by 17 to be lower than Brent crude by 52 – Mareb light crude has same price as Brent crude. 3) Number of men arrested at their workplaces in Sana’a in connection with Aden explosions. 4) Upon false information, fishermen in Socotra were almost made to pay YR 60 million more for a fishing boat from the private sector than price of same boat sold by General Fishing Establishment. 5) 6 Nigerian sailors infected with HIV, working on board ship docked in Aden port, were deported. 6) 4,244 kg worth $50,000 of lobster belonging to General Fishing Establishment were left to rot, while quantity belonging to private merchants sold immediately. 7) Despite order of eviction, member of PGC Permanent Committee sub-lets house belonging to revolution martyr in Aden – rent paid in dollars. 8) Minister of Transport orders inventory taking in Marketing Department at Aden port – department has, for years, been very secretive regarding its finances.