AL-TAJAMMU’: Aden weekly, [Archives:1998/19/Press Review]

May 11 1998

(Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party)   Main Headline:
1- Will President Ali Abdullah Saleh become the next prime minister.
2- Parliamentary committee investigating shooting incident at the Mukallah demonstration have not made any concrete findings.
3- Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince Nayif: “Saudi Arabia is not involved in bombing and kidnapping incidents in Yemen.”
Article Summary:
Labor Day & Death of Trade Unions – editorial
Workers in Yemen are bearing the brunt of economic crisis: inflation, price rises, unemployment, etc. But the most significant thing the authorities have been able to do is to crush the trade unions, following their exploitation as pawns in the political game. The 1994 war was the last straw. It led to halting the activities of British oil companies operating in Aden for many months.
Creating a well-balanced society, curbing the abuse of power, combating corruption, and protecting civil liberties can only be done by free and independent civil institutions, on the forefront of which are the trade unions.