Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/631/Press Review]

April 14 2003

7 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Baghdad between invasion and resistance
– Redlines before the Yemeni Socialist Party at the north constituencies
– Law on money laundering issued
– Electoral violations by the ruling party
– Two terrorist elements including al-Rabei arrested
– Yemeni writers union demand trying Bush and Blair for their crimes against culture in Iraq
– Yemen demands Britain to hand over the extremist Abuhamza al-Masri

Columnist Abdul Bari Tahir says in an article that for sure the imperialist greed in the Iraqi huge oil reserves is reflected by the mask put on by the American extremist right that is completely biased to Israel. This alliance is embodied by a grouping led by America and Britain to occupy Iraq as a first step for returning the entire Arab region to the colonialism and to distribute its riches among the American companies. Failure of the imperialist schemes and battings for bringing the people of Iraq to their knees has pushed the American and British fascist right to target the civilians and take avenge on them by burning their cities with bombs and missiles and killing thousands of Iraqi children and women with their ''smart'' bombs.
Killing thousands of civilians and destroying the Iraqi infrastructure and civilian houses places the international community before its moral and humane responsibility to announce the live active solidarity with the people of Iraq and to work for stopping this big war crime. The American and British force cannot cover the failure of its barbaric campaign by more killing and destruction and ruin.