Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/637/Press Review]

May 26 2003

22 May 2003
Main headlines:
– American military plans to hunt down and hit ''al-Qaeda''
– Unpleasant feelings towards the 36-minister government
– Court of the First Instance decides holding next sitting for final procedures in trying the killer of Jarallah Omar
– Yemen: International community has to work hard for confronting terrorist acts and perpetrators
– Salem Saleh appointment, opposition abroad file
Mr. Ali al-Zameer sums up the people's demands from the newly-elected parliamentarians in a number of short advices saying:
– they have to realise that the voter himself has decided the result in their favor and he has brought them to the parliament,
– they should live to the trust the voter and the people have granted them and to have sense of responsibility for which they are elected,
– they have to remember that they have promised to work faithfully for the welfare and interest of the people and the country, without giving precedence to regionalism, tribalism, sectarianism and partisan loyalty at the expense of the homeland and people interests,
– they should display modesty in behavior, mix with people and abstain from all aspects of pride and prejudice,
– they should give a good example in not carrying arms, and move around with strongly armed bodyguards,
– they have to be an example in respecting fully and committing to parliament meetings appointments,
– they must not ignore continual contact with their constituencies and prepared to cooperate in solving problems and matters of their constituencies,
– they have to realise that they have no right to show nepotism towards executive officials at the expense of the people's and the homeland interest, in realization of personal whims and interests.