Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

9 June 2003
Main headlines;
– Fuel supply at Aden seaport monopolized by two companies
– Changes at oil ministry
– YSP calls for disclosing planers and financiers of assassinations
– An agreement signed on monitoring borders, between Sana'a and Riyadh

Abdulqawi al-Qubati writes that forces of corruption in Yemen are connected with almost all ministries and state establishments. Corruption is now being practiced even by some senior administrative officials.
An opposition newspaper disclosed lately that most of senior officials in our country has innovated the creation of many committees at most of the ministries and government institutions. A new method operating outside official duty hours. They are nominal committees working in twisted ways with the aim of obtaining awards and allowances in return for illusive activities at those institutions. Many know about those state illusive places and about those ''loyal'' people who dispense huge amounts of rewards and wages for themselves in return for non-existent works. It has been disclosed that millions of rials have been allocated in the state budget for buying most luxurious cars for those sincere in ''serving'' the public work.