Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/647/Press Review]

July 3 2003

30 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Tens of terrorists managed to escape from fighting
– The ten prisoners escaped from Aden prison were in Hatat
– American, European security delegations in Aden
– Jaralla lawyers demand death penalty for assassinations cell.

Columnist Hassan bin Hassenoun says that the presidential pardon issued recently for the secessionists inside and outside Yemen can be deemed as a Yemeni road map. Some leaders of the Socialist party have accepted it and some did not. But the sweeping majority of the sons of the southern and eastern provinces refuses this map completely. They believe it does not answer their usurped rights during the 1994 summer war. The most important of those rights is the unity of 22 May of 1990 and its democratic choice. The majority of employees at military and civilian institutions had been laid off and hundreds of leading executives in various fields had been suspended. Added to that those who left the country. Among the usurped rights is the complete seizure of public institutions and utilities after looting them and then burning them.