Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/658/Press Review]

August 11 2003

4 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Zaidi tribes threaten authorities with wide-scale operations
– Big resentment for al-Fadhly seizure of writers union headquarters
– Islamists and tribal sheikhs return to forefront following dropping sentences against the (16)
Columnist Ahmed Said al-Dahmy writes in his article that a just wages equal to the job and its duties and responsibilities n a balanced manner with the cost of living is a necessary and basic matter and encouraging for work and production. It is a wise political decision for securing discipline in work and production, ethical good behaviour and obedience to laws and regulations. Such a situation contributes to fighting crime and fraud or any imbalance between the job and its responsibilities.
Continuation of imbalanced and inhumane wages structure as it is and accompanied by increasing rates of inflation is one form of economic and social destruction of the society. It further more represents a call for practicing corruption at all levels. It opens the way for evading from all kinds of commitment to laws and regulations, which consequently represents a form of economic destruction.
The regime's nowadays talk about a strategy for wages is merely a kind of escaping from facing the problem truly and aims at encouraging more destruction of the economy and society. The more rapid delivery of the crisis does not require a national strategy nor a five-year plan as much as it requires taking a quick decision for raising the wages to the level of the present living costs added to it a yearly percentage of increase proportionate to expected yearly increase of inflation. Such a decision does not take a long time to and does not need much effort. It only needs a study of the volume of the required revenues and their sources.