Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/663/Press Review]

August 28 2003

25 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Because of corruption lords, Oil trade union to stage strike on September 6
– Trial of Amran killer begin next week
– Gpc decides elections of Aden Women Union
The political editor writes that the society has not yet digested and awaked from the incident of Lahj mosque in which eight students were killed, when the incident was repeated at Amran mosque and the victims had been three persons killed and 50 others injured. The two incidents represent a new form of incidents in Yemen that exceeded all social norms and traditions let alone the laws. The eye-catching thing is that both perpetrators are mentally ill, according to security statements that usually come ahead of investigations, forming an early judgment contravening the simplest rules of logic and reason and the law.
In one month two incidents took place at mosques nevertheless the official, partisan and popular dealing did not shake up and did not join forces to stand against this phenomenon and to understand its causes. Until the mosques change into areas for settling accounts and losses increase then all would be attentive and begin to discuss the issue but then it would be too late.
To cover up means helping in the wrongdoing. The question is bigger than mental disorder that the security apparatus seeks to make as a curtain hiding the facts behind. All of us as parties and society have to bear the responsibility for disclosing the facts and facing them.