Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/666/Press Review]

September 8 2003

1 September 2003
Main headlines:
– Arrests and search campaigns in most districts of Aden
– Communication Centres staffers in Mukalla on strike
– Two Saudis and two Iraqis behind al-Hakim assassination
– Aden inhabitants praise Dr al-Shuaibi
– HOOD appeals to the president to release al-Zaidi
– A course on terror for officials of criminal investigation in Sana'a
Columnist Ali Mohammed Ahmed says there have been much talk about corruption and the corrupt in all its various forms by the political leadership, the government and the legislative bodies as well as political parties' leaderships and many national and social personalities. This talk has also been the matter by the ordinary citizen. And due to the danger of this large volume of corruption in this period there is a continuous saying in the official address characterized by threatening to put an end to the corrupt and also the calls by official and partisan press in this regard. Regrettably the result comes contrary to what is expected as the deviation has increased beyond its limit and also increased with it the difficulty of rectifying this deviation.
Based on the present reality of the leadership and successive governments we have not witnessed or seen any one has been tries or punished for corruption. Some corrupts have been transferred from one position to another or they have been left at home without accountability of punishment. All this is due to the strength of their influence in addition to corruption of the concerned authorities as being part and parcel of the reality itself.