Al-Tajammu [Archives:2003/672/Press Review]

September 29 2003

22 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Fall of a stage at wedding in Zabid causes three deaths, injury of 60 women, and theft of jewels worth millions
– Security official's son beats a prisoner
In an article columnist Ahmed Said al-Dahi says supposedly the political opposition in Yemen succeeded in assuming power in a democratic way and then we have queried would it run the rule or the society in a way better than the existing regime? The question would of course be in negation, disappointing and frustrating to expectations of many of the opposition affiliates and supporters. The evidence is this bitter reality we are experiencing that reflects volume and the weak role of the opposition and its present troubled behaviour, its low-pitched voice, very weak influence and it secondary position.
Though the political and economic reality is experiencing a state of a crisis and turbulence recalling an impetus to create advanced styles of work and coining effective means of work and deriving successful solutions exerting heavy pressure on the government to adopt treatments for the present problems, we find the opposition takes a brittle and indifferent stand whose reaction does not exceed an intensively complaining statement or writing an article. If there were not a newspaper for this party or that the citizen or the great majority of the people would not have known the existence of these parties.
In order to improve the role of the opposition is to contribute to dealing with the issues and woes and problems of the nation and at the same time to form real pressures on the successive governments to force them upgrade the efficiency of their performance.