Al-Tajammu [Archives:2004/721/Press Review]

March 18 2004

15 march 2004
Main headlines
– Journalists demand activation of the ethics charter
– America investigates into $40 million allotted for killing them under his supervision,
– Al-Zindani renews confirmation that the Socialists were infidels
– Federal investigations into embezzlement of one million dollars from HUNT Company
– Large-scale resentment against imposing the price dose
Columnist Fathi Abu-Alnassr says in an article the government is getting ready to officially announce the new price dose within part of its program for economic reform it had begun in 1995 under patronage of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, despite indications of wide-scale popular resentment. The parliament stance towards the next price increase has not yet been clear. The increase proposal demands the parliament approval at a time the GPC MPs bloc is getting ready to endorse it via their parliamentary majority.
The new dose, described by popular circles as backbreaking, includes high taxation and customs legislation accompanied by high rise in prices of oil products against slight rising of salaries. This would lead to increase in poverty rates among the citizens. Imposing this dose will cause raging of popular resentment against it as prices of services and goods would get higher.