Al-Tajammu [Archives:2004/724/Press Review]

March 25 2004

Al-Tagamou weekly, organ of Yemeni Unionist Congregation Party, 22 Mar 2004.

Main headlines
– Abu Zaid discusses security cooperation between Washington and Sana'a
– 99 areas in Yemen threatened with drought
– Engineers prepared to resist domestication and attempts of partisan domination
– False keenness kills Aden port
– Saudi fatwa against “Al-Hurra” satellite TV channel
Columnist Fathi Abu al-Nassr says in an article that the Arab summit is to be convened in Tunis in the late of this month and it is a summit of challenge because it would send a clear message to all regimes in the region that they should embark on reform and modernization. It seems clear that Tunis summit would be facing many important dossiers needing to be decided even before the convening of the summit, such as the file concerning representation of Iraq which has not been decided yet. The Arab League secretary general had announced earlier that Iraq would be taking part in the summit but the level of its representation had not been defined so far.
The most important of dossiers the summit is waiting is that of developing the Arab League and finding new Arab mechanisms, such as the Arab Parliament, the National Security Council and Arab Court of Justice, especially at the emergence of some differences regarding several ideas on development of the League performance through what is described as initiatives proposed by some Arab countries. Those differences have pushed observers to say that the expected summit might form a chance for the Arab League to activate its institutions or might be a summit for sending the League to its resting place.