Al-Tajammu [Archives:2004/777/Press Review]

September 30 2004

27 Sep.2004
Main headlines
– Aborting the policy of Bajammal, creates crisis with the World Bank
– A call for investigation with the ministry of agriculture
– Dubai bans importing Yemeni vegetable for not being good for consumption
– 16 activities and around 50 innovative personalities on sidelines of the Book Fair

Writer Rashad Salem Ali says in an article that the solidarity with al-Shoura newspaper and its editor Abdul Karim al-Khaiwani is taking a spiral curve despite that it has not taken its aspired for social expansion. The journalists syndicate continuation and insistence on the course of its protest through the daily sit-in and addressing the parliament as well as the repeated protest letters, statements of solidarity and other means of protest by civil society organizations inside the country and outside. All this is a confirmation of the strength of the collective solidarity and that it would, if continues, take broader expansion and change into a means of pressure forcing the rule to retract and put the will of the people into consideration and back down from the means of pressure on judiciary and politicize it. It will force the rule to reconsider violent measures and practices it is following against the opposition.