Al-Tajammu [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

20 Dec.2004
Main headlines

– Difference inside the state customs enterprise leads to sacking three of its deputies

– Aden at the brink of water catastrophe

– YSP holds authority responsible for impeding the holding of its conference

Writer Mohammed Thabit says in his article these days the cultural activity pulls us to the great efforts the official, partisan and popular circles in our country are exerting to portray Sana'a city Capital of the Arab Culture. It is the term some Arab capitals have circulated under desire of the UNESCO, the major supporter of this activity and its political and cultural goals.

While we are approaching the end of the culture year, we have no doubt that our country and official parties would achieve the highest degrees of benefiting from that process if they worked well in investing the external support in activating means of culture in a well-studied orientation for enhancement of bases of culture development. That of course is closely related to comprehensive development at all levels. Culture in its genuine dimension is a civilization and human issue connected with people's advanced life and the level of the social evolvement. The Yemeni reality in this regard does not provide us with such a fact, as it is still groaning under the burden of backwardness and cannot move to a state of cultural progress depending on human and his mature mental effort. Such a change must be based on development, mainly that of the human and recruit their energy for taking part in the process of construction through depending on their great capabilities for creativity and innovation as means enabling the new forces to work with efficiency.